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SimSolTravel provides travel related consulting services. Our main focus is applying our extensive experience from other professions to providing targeted travel information and travel consulting services. We also have competitive online booking services for self-service oriented clients. The result is a unique perspective on travel that goes beyond self-service travel booking sites or "full-service" travel agents. Read our views on the Future of Travel or jump to SimSolTravel Services to see what we offer.



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Travel Consulting
The staff at SimSolTravel will happily answer your questions about travel. We can help you plan a trip to a single destination like San Francisco or to tour a country like Germany. We can talk about the advantages and disadvantages of using your timeshare or booking a hotel or reserving an individually owned apartment. We use our frequent flyer miles for most of our major trips and we can share our tips and tricks with you. We can give you ideas about starting the trip with a relaxing journey on a train or cruise ship instead of the traditional stressful airport "mad dash to get there" experience. Thinking about a road trip in the car, and you enjoy craft beer? We can help you plan it to pass by some interesting breweries as well as see the sights. Just give us a call or send us an email. If your questions are more involved we'll let you know and schedule an extended question and answer session. Why do we charge a fee? We believe that it is important to provide quality travel advice. That means travel advice that fits the clients' needs, not just what generates a commission. See our views on the Future of Travel for more details.


Group Cruises
Planning a family reunion or looking for something for your club to do together? A group cruise is the perfect thing because it allows everyone to interact when they want and enjoy other activities when the group gets too intense. By booking a cruise as a group you can enjoy many special events and amenities on board (depending on the group size). Let SimSolTravel help you organize a cruise that fits with your family's or organization's interests.


Self-Service Options:


Our online travel portal provides self-service access for booking flights, hotels, cars, cruises and more. This portal is provided through our association with, who insure full security for your travel transactions. Special fares and rates negotiated by InteleTravel are available only through an InteleTravel Agent site:
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Hotel Bookings
SimSolTravel is a Affiliate Partner with access to hundreds of great hotels around the world:
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Travel Information

Visit our Travel Information site for pictures and information about areas where we specialize, places we have visited and hotels we have enjoyed. We also have behind-the-scenes pictures of many of the interesting breweries and tap-houses that we have visited. Be sure to look at our SimSolTravel Virtual Tours!


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711 Beacon Ridge Dr.
Colorado Springs, CO 80905



Beth Norton
Please contact us if you are
interested in our unique travel
services or if you have travel questions.


Tim Norton

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